Put your business on the fast track to success with social media marketing strategies designed to extensively grow your following, increase your exposure, widen your audience, strengthen your brand recognition, help sell more products and much much more. Our social media packages include up to 12 hours of monthly services across unlimited forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. What is not seen nor heard, does not exist. What does not  exist, cannot prosper. Grow, exist and prosper today.


Every business deserves a perfectly branded place to call home. Your website is the face, first impression and primary platform from which you deliver. Whether its your very first site, a complete re-design of your original or a much needed face-lift, our web design experts produce nothing but the best. We are graphical guru’s who design and use customized banners, logo’s, brochures and illustrations of the alike to give your social media forums the pop they need to help you grow and succeed. Click the button below  for more info.


Many small business operations find themselves struggling when it comes to such things as adequate staffing, technology, overhead expenses,  a strong administrative skill set, the appropriate office equipment or the time to simply manage everything from A to Z.  From email management, appointment scheduling, document preparation, task/project management to research. Our Virtual Assistants will take on any and everything for you so that you can spend your valuable time doing what it is you do best. We’ll handle the rest.

    • Increased Web Traffic
    • Higher Search Engine Ranking
    • API Integrations
    • Key Word Applications
    • Google Integration
    • Meta Tag Applications
    • Split Testing
    • Seri Optimization
  • Web-Creative Design
    • Single or Multi-Page
    • Fully Functional
    • Dynamic Themes
    • E-Commerce
    • Hosting
    • Social Media Integration
    • SEO
    • Enhanced Security
    • Backup Ready
    • Mobile Ready
    • All Inclusivity
    • Email Management
    • Book Keeping
    • Research
    • Travel Arrangement
    • Appointment Setting
    • Proofing & Editing
    • Library Management
    • Contrasts & Comparisons
    • Administrative Organization
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Time Management
  • Social Media-Digital Marketing
    • Increased Following
    • Brand Recognition
    • Higher Conversions (sales)
    • More Exposure
    • Gain Brand Authority
    • Customized Graphics
    • Social Sharing
    • Increased Web Traffic




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“If your dreams do not scare or challenge you, chances are they’re not big enough.”

Power up and go for it!


At busyebee, we understand that some of the biggest obstacles people encounter when it comes to achieving their personal and professional goals rests within those everyday time consuming tasks that keep them from doing what it is that they do best and finding a super fun group of creatively sound ninja’s to help build their brand and bring life to their vision.   Having an incredibly skilled virtual assistant is one way to free you from the shackling riffraff and move onto the things you like to do. Our social marketing guru’s can more than triple your visibility and significantly increase your businesses potential for conversion. The creative design side of our house will transform what you see into reality. 


No hibernating in the winter with this group of  savvy and very professional workers. Technological advancement, the ultimate in resourcefulness and a great deal of experience are not the only things  these busy buzzing, high flying assistant’s come prepared with. They’ve got mittens, parkas, ear muffs, moon boots  and ski goggles too! We come prepared. Our plan options  make it possible for anyone pursuing their heart-felt dreams to do so without feeling as if they are being mugged by the monster-like moguls that constantly prey on the small business start-ups and promising entrepreneurs that continue to be the foundation of what our world was built on. Every idea is a good idea if the right team is behind it!


Need a reminder? We’ll buzz you.  Not sure where to dine on your first night in Fiji? We got that too. Too many emails and not enough time? Let our typing do your talking. Let a Virtual Assistant from the busyebee team help you today. Every business venture should have a place online that they can call home. A professionally built and character ridden website is where the heart of your dreams resides. Social Media Marketing Strategies and precise branding methodologies are the vehicles that take you to your destination of choice. Self expressions and uniquely crafted presentations achieved by creative design allow you to distinguish yourself  and your business in ways of the unimaginable kind.


"I am very happy with my website, and look forward to continuing my relationship with Anthony and his team. He was able to produce a high-quality website in a very minimal amount of time. A feature that I liked very much about my site is that it is customizable for the future. As my business grows, I will not need to revamp my site only add to it an easy cost effective manor. I look forward to working with Anthony in the future."

David Scott Reese

"I was very impressed with Anthony's knowledge in the behavioral health and claims concepts. He is very great at multi-tasking and communicates very well. I enjoyed working with him. "

Patricia Zurita Ona

"Our first website was old and dated and broken. It just did not look good at all and we needed something to keep us up with the times. I totally let Anthony go with it and he worked wonders considering our budget. That is what I like the most about them is that they wont tell you no. They will work with you. "

Amanda Vasquez 

Great family business! We love their work. 

J. Gustafson

These people are graphically surgical. They produce amazing custom graphics for all of my Madden Connected team forums. 

J.J. "BoogieMan" Scott

We needed to be completely re-branded. From our look, brand statement, website and social integration. Anthony rebuilt us from the ground up. His team is spot on, creative, technically sharp and responsive. We are now in a very very happy place.

B Walsh

I thank the lord for the day I met them. Not only one of the coolest small businesses out there, they are the nicest people I've ever met. They are helping me make my dreams come true. I spent 10 years of my own time trying to get my movie script into the hands of one producer and never had luck. In just months they had more responses imaginable. 

Hire them today!

B. Wall

I'm beyond happy with the work that they do. My social media pages are popping with creatively engaging posts and my following is incredible. Their direction, suggestions and recommendations when it came to my new site were so much appreciated. They are very creative and never stop thinking about ways to help my business succeed. 

They are also really great to talk to. I like our thirty minute meetings that somehow seem to turn into three hour conversations. They are the best! 

Sage Hansen

We just can't seem to thank Janet & Anthony enough. When we first reached out to them for Virtual Assistance support in early 2015, we needed help with our business in a variety of ways. After working with them for several months there was no question about it. We wanted them to give our social media a boost and our website a facelift. One year later and its one of the best working relationships we at Consult 4 Kids ever had. We are very happy with them!  

Cyndee Zandes

"We do not have the personnel or time to develop, implement and manage a world class marketing strategy sufficient to align with our business goals. With Busyebee our marketing is well-managed and well-executed. Busyebee has achieved real measurable results! We’ve come to rely on their marketing insight and ability to get things done! We look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Margaret Lapinsky

"I called busyebee when I needed an extra hand with my recruiting outreach calls. Everyone I called before them had monthly plans but they were the only ones I found that also provided support for individual projects. I didn't have to commit to a monthly plan."

"They were my life saver that day and I will continue to call on them whenever I need help."

Maylin Rico

"We were wanting to open a barber shop for a very long time but were not sure of some of the steps we needed to take. Our busyebee Anna was a relief and handled all of our administrative needs. We even had a creative busyebee Janet who worked with her team to not only created our logo, help us create a decal for our shop window but she showed us how to copyright everything. "

Liz & Ferdinand

"Our family owned menswear store originally founded by my grandfather never had a website or social media based forum that would allow us to gain more exposure, increase sales or keep our customers in the loop on new products. Thanks to our new website and Facebook page, we have been able to connect with customers outside of the city and even sell our products online!

The busyebee design team is amazing!"

Sam Shiheiber

A few months ago I decided to take my part-time, word-of-mouth only, photography business to the next level. Once I decided on my company name, I knew I needed a logo. Enter busyebee. With absolutely no creative direction from me, other than I wanted something different and cute, but not too cute or girly, busyebee got busy coming up with options. I narrowed down to one that just stood out and from there we had a few revisions to the font and color and the final product is amazing! It’s different, and unique, and so me! I’ve received lots of compliments on it and I couldn’t be prouder of my new brand. The team at busyebee was so helpful and patient and great at communicating with me long distance via email. Hire them, you won’t regret it!

Lisa De La Garza

"My English is not the best and neither are my computer skills. Jen’s strengths in administration and communication help me to coordinate loads, decide on delivery methods and negotiate the best rates. Without her and the busyebee team my business would not be as cost effective."

"Besides, she loves to watch Diners Drive-ins and Dives and always tells me where to stop along my route for a really good meal!"

William Rodriguez


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