It all began on a warm Florida summer night just moments prior to our traditional weekday evening game plan. Get off of work, make sure the kid has done his homework, a few daily chores and the one thing we looked forward to most, which was outside grilling and poolside chillin. Jay, a corporate professional of over 15 years with one of the worlds most notable fortune 500 companies who had been side hustling in the wonderful world of Virtual Assistance for years, was also pursuing her second degree in the study of arts. Anthony a 17 year veteran of the employee benefits industry and an aspiring designer with academic accomplishments in a field of study he never did and never would use, Psychology.

Both had for years entertained the thought of starting their own businesses in their respective areas of freelance and side talents but it wasn’t until that summer evening that the bulbs in their ‘bombay & tonic” influenced brains turned on at the very same time. Suddenly they realized that together, they were an uncommon duo of incredible talent with personalities like a magnet that not only loved and had fun doing what they did, but really enjoyed seeing others do well and succeed. Between the two, they were an exceptionally talented and creative entrepreneurial wrecking crew with great skill sets in the areas of web design, marketing, office administration, creative design, branding and more.

For years they slowly sharpened their abilities through self education, freelance work, late evening courses and extensive networking either after work in their respective career fields or during the weekends.  Both with a dream that one day they would be able to say to their bosses, “Its been great, but I’ve gotta go, time to take my ass home. No more supporting your brand, I’ve got a brand of my own.”

 There it began. The idea of virtual admin assistance, social media marketing and creative design all wrapped into one became a small business solutions company that turns your ‘to do’s” into “done.”

 busyebee, Inc. New Life.



Founder & CEO

Though Anthony’s background in Client Services/Management and Sales/Marketing gives him a sophisticated grasp on even the most challenging aspects of business operations, this Air Force Veterans true passion lies within the process of helping others around him achieve the unthinkable. If you have a dream, he’s on your team.

Jay Rock

Co-Founder & President

Janet is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology and is currently working on her second degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on marketing specialization. A seventeen year veteran of the Executive Administration’s Industry, Janet knows business administration and assistance like the back of her hand.

As the Founder & CEO of busyebee, Anthony creates, communicates and implements any and everything relative to the vision, mission and overall direction of the organization. Anthony is an active member of the philanthropic community, an Air Force veteran of the desert storm era, likes just about every genre of movies and enjoys being around “well behaved” kids. He can often be found networking within the community, enjoying the beach, video gaming with his online friends, arranging the clothes in his closet by color or in the kitchen masterfully creating his next amazing recipe of incredibly yummy, homemade barbecue sauce.

Anthony, is also a busyebee.

As the President of busyebee, Janet oversees all aspects of the day to day operations to ensure they run smoothly. She sets parameters to judge how effectively and efficiently the business is operating.  Known as the “queen bee” of the bunch,  Janet is also the “technical” guru and accepts nothing less than precise perfection. Janet is also an active member of the philanthropic community, spells fun with an F.A.M.I.L.Y, believes that a cruise is a woman’s best friend and definitely missed her calling as a stand up comedian. Janet can often be found mentoring children, poolside, doing the happy dance or impatiently waiting on the next episode of “Walking Dead”.

Janet, is also a busyebee.


 Using the best. To do the best. For the best. 



Our Marketing Maniac

Hailing from the great state of Illinois, packing 21 years of corporate experience in Executive Administration-Marketing & Learning Development with a top notch education from DePaul University to boot, Wendy re-defines what a jack of all trades and master of many truly is. Did we mention she’s super skilled in graphic design, project management and social media too?


The Admin Assassin

As a North Carolina Central University graduate and Charlotte NC native, Renee has continued her path to Human Resources excellence with 7 years of experience in her pocket and counting. Often called the “Master & Commander” of relationship building, Renee prides herself on providing exceptional service and administrative expertise with so much talent and ease.

As the National Executive Marketing Manager of busyebee, Inc, Wendy manages the over-all marketing process in an effort to build brand awareness, generate high lead volumes, increase brand engagement and maximize on our visual and growth potentials. Wendy truly prides herself on her natural strength in developing trusting relationships, establishing clear goals and mapping out realistic blue-prints to obtain them. When she’s not working, Wendy enjoys spending her time with her super cute daughter, replacing boxes of crayons on the regular, decorating the walls of their home with left-over cupcakes and running around the Chicagoland area.

Wendy, is also a busyebee.

As the Administrative Assassin of busyebee, Inc, Renee commands and controls our communications component. Perhaps the only traffic controller that directs admin traffic with passion and serves volleyballs to opponents in frightening fashion.  She looks forward to embracing new opportunities and challenges. Teamwork is her dreamwork and time with family and friends remains at the top of her lifelong priorities. To Renee, one should work with integrity and respect for others while having fun, fun, fun, fun. But she means business, like an assassin with a sword and a hot smoking gun. She believes the sky is the limit and everything underneath it is yours to explore.

Renee, is also a busyebee.














  • Virtual Generalist.
  • Hourly Rates.
  • Availability averages 40 hours weekly.
  • Seven days a week.
  • 8am-6pm (can work extended hours).
  • Services Central Time Zone. 


Virtually You

  • Virtual Generalist & Social Media Marketing.
  • Packaged Rates. 
  • Availability averages 40 hours weekly.
  • Monday through Friday. 
  • 8am-6pm.
  • Services pacific time zone. 

Amanda is a Certified Virtual Assistant with over 10 years experience. She has a true passion for helping people grow and loves what she does. She believes that her work as a virtual assistant empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to have the much needed time and energy to strive in their business. Her strongest personality trait that helps her achieve success in her profession is her organizational skills. Amanda loves spending time with her two boys ages 2 and 8, and considers them her biggest achievements in her life. She spends her free time reading and learning to better herself in her business. She also really enjoys fishing with her kiddos, spending time at the park, and exercising.

My focus is on helping your business grow. 

Carisa is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who specializes in virtual executive support. She has worn many hats over the years which include but are not limited to: Office Management, Admissions Representation, Relationship Management, Account Management and Photography. Inspired by her three daughters, Carisa started Virtually You not only to do what it is that she enjoys most but to spend as much time with her family as she possibly can. She absolutely adores her clients and they have expressed the same degree of adoration in return. Always willing to take on new challenges and opportunities, Carisa looks forward to more relationships and incredible experiences.

I’m ready for new people and new opportunities.  


The Executive Coordinator

  • Multi VA Team servicing all industries.
  • Offers Packages & Hourly Rates.
  • Availability averages 10-40 hours weekly.
  • Monday through Friday.
  • 8am-5pm.
  • Services all time zones.


Eloquent VA

  • Virtual Generalist & Creative Content Writer.
  • Offers Packages & Hourly Rates.
  • Availability averages 10 hours weekly.
  • Seven Days a Week.
  • 8am-6pm.
  • Services all time zones.

Janet’s drive comes from seeing others succeed and grow! With 15 years of for-profit operations experience ranging from Account Management, Business Office Management and Director of Operations supporting and running a strong back office is her area of expertise. No task is too big or too small. She specializes in executive virtual assistance, online business management and project management. Her gift is uncovering areas of opportunity and turning it into increased cash flow. Family is most important to Janet.  She loves spending time with her teenage son and puppy Bella Skye. Some of her favorite things are laughing, Sunday brunch with friends, and a good old Netflix binge.

I believe when you win we all win.

Jackie has ten plus years of experience in the administrative world working in a variety of fields that include but are not limited to: Healthcare, Human Resources, Transportation, Real Estate and Retail. With an incredible support background, she has the administrative skills to help entrepreneurs and small business owners focus on their success, while she handles the rest. As a wife, mother and mommy-preneur, she has a love for all things organized and truly believes that tidy is mighty and applies the same degree of being organizationally OCD to her business philosophy. She’s in love with entrepreneurship and is always willing and ready to take on new challenges.

Jackie believes in honesty and transparency.

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We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

Questions, issues or concerns? I'd love to help you!

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