By common definition, a Virtual Assistant is an independent or self-employed professional that provides administrative, technical and/or creative services to their clients. However, we refer to our Virtual Assistant’s as busyebee’s. High flying, educated, fully equipped, incredibly savvy, highly experienced and super fun administrative guru’s that love to see their customers achieve their unthinkables.

We understand that small business owners, start up’s and entrepreneurs across the country often struggle with common challenges such as the lack of staffing, technological know-how, skill sets, time , organizational skills, financial capacity,  direction, equipment and creativity.

That understanding and our passion for their success is the reason we’ve put together an amazing team of multi-talented individuals whose only goals are to assist you with your successes while keeping you happy, balanced and secure through the process. 

We believe that life should be successful, achieving, enjoyable and fun. We help you by turning your to do’s into done! 


Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a VA has to be your reduced labor costs. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors which means you don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, workers compensation and employee benefits such as dental and health insurance.

Unlike your typical 9-5 employee, VA’s are traditionally more flexible and typically work around your schedule. Not to forget, they only get paid for the time spent on your project, not the thirty minutes spent chatting with co-workers about the new guy who’s cute. There are no agency fees, you don’t have to spend money on employee training and overtime is totally non-existent. In fact, virtual assistants usually have a very broad range of skills that truly comes in handy when there is something you yourself may not know how to do.

Last but not least, a virtual assistant really cares about his or her own business. Its their livelihood and the last thing they want to do is let their own business down let alone yours. Our busyebee’s are your incredibly skilled collaborative partners that take on all those administrative tasks that keep you from doing the things you prefer to do.



We get an array of requests from customers who own businesses of all different kinds. Be it a Bakery, Law Firm, Realtor, Barber Shop, Car lot, After School Program, Non-Profit, Photographer, Recruiter, Fashion Boutique, Retailer, Entertainer, Writer, Developer, Artist or aspiring Entrepreneur with an new dream in mind. Our Virtual Assistance & Creative Design services are for people and businesses of any and all kinds. 

Need a powerpoint done, we’ve done a ton. We’ll find the perfect gift for your Client in Spain. Need us to book you flight, a bus ride or seat on a train? Want a website re-done, upgraded or one done from scratch? We do graphics and logo’s that are always a catch. Can you do research on topics, new letters and blog posts for me please? Absolutely! No worries and we do it with ease. We do reporting, assorting, email management and more. SEO and Social Media Marketing that will blow open your doors! Want a product promoted on a nice Landing Page? Sign up for a plan and let us out of our cage. 

Our services are professional and our offerings are stout. Just click on the link to see what more we’re about. 


You don’t have to own a business or have a full time job to sign up for our help. Our services are for every and anyone who lacks the space, technology, finances, time, personnel or “know how” to get something done or get it down right. In fact, our “one & done (single task) option is perfect for someone who does not necessarily need to commit to a monthly arrangement. If its an existing task, a new one or a vision that’s been clouding the back of your mind, give us the details and we’ll keep you smiling one task at a time!

We’ve done research to help a Client find a new location to live. Have a budget and not sure of the right gift to give? We contrast and compare to help you make better and well informed decisions but unfortunately we’re not trained to do tactical combat missions.

We research restaurants, shopping and places to go to for fun. Planning a family dinner, something romantic or a table for one? Have a complaint about your wireless carrier but hate the super long hold times? Give us the details and permissions. We enjoy waiting, being hung up on and standing in virtual lines.

  • Buzzin Around
    • Research places, people, things & policies.
    • Offer alternatives & probe for solutions.
    • Conduct reviews, do contrasts & comparisons.
    • How about a concert? We'll find the tickets!
    • Collect competitive data.
    • Get you the facts.
    • Reply to office & social network inquires.
    • Take notes and write letters.
    • Reply to emails on your behalf.
    • Forward messages & proofread work
    • Power point presentations
    • Manage your social media pages.


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Contact us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

Questions, issues or concerns? I'd love to help you!

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