How does it work?

Simply sign up via the “sign up” button located at the bottom of the plan type in which you are interested in. Shortly after, you will receive an automated response that will tell you how to complete registration, step by step. You’ll know you’re ready to fly when you receive a congratulatory email from a member of our leadership team.

Where are the assistants located and what can I expect?

Our team of busyebee’s, aka BB’s, are located here in the U.S. Once you are introduced to them you can begin sending them tasks to do and eventually establish a great working relationship.

Will my BB be able to work for me even though I'm in a different country?

Absolutely! In fact, the entire busyebee staff is capable of assisting you regardless location.

What kind of things can my BB do?
Just about all of the administratively savvy things a super seasoned and qualified assistant could “virtually” do.

Need something scheduled? We’ll do it for you. How about a reservation for you or for two? Got it! We can edit presentations, manage your inbox, help you with that spreadsheet, manage your calendar and even post on social media for you. We helped one of our clients save money on track shoes and now we can never seem to keep up with them!

Can you do rush tasks?

Of course we can! Just ask us to “sting it” somewhere in the subject line of your email or submission.

If I was a customer before, how would I sign up again?

Well, the busyebee hive is proven to “bee” the best place for anyone who needs us, to“bee”. So, we make coming back home “virtually” easy. Just click “sign up” and we’ll buzz you back shortly!

What kinds of tools & resources does a busyebee use?
Aside from parachutes, jetpacks and futuristic space boosters, our busyebee’s utilize an array of tools and resources which include but are not limited to:

Google docs, Google search, Microsoft office suite, Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Mailchimp, Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, Harvest, Dreamweaver, Google hangouts, Asana, Adobe creative suite, Indesign, Final cut pro, Pic monkey, Webex conferencing, Dropbox, Vlingo, Basecamp, Google calendar, Groupme, Lastpass, Rhino support, Messages, Snagit and SweetProcess.



What are your assistant's qualifications?
We hand-pick our busyebee’s from a hive of buzzing applicants to ensure we’ve got the absolute best that the industry offers. When it comes to criteria, our areas of focus include but are not limited to:  education, communication, reputation, technical expertise, administrative experience, credibility, responsiveness and professionalism.

We have a three-phase screening process which includes an interactive service demonstration and an internally devised skills assessment.

Can I request a BB who speaks a foreign language?

Our language offerings at the moment are primarily Spanish and English. However, we are working to expand in the very near future.

What's the average turnaround time on a task?

We try our best to get it done as soon as we can and pride ourselves on being fast and thorough. For the most part, you can expect to have the results of your request within the time outlined in your respective plan package.

When a Busy Bee places a call for me, how will he or she represent him or herself?

We are extensions of our valuable clients and therefore present ourselves as an assistant on behalf of you.

Will I get the same Busy Bee for every request?
For the purpose of establishing great relationships, we try to keep you aligned with the same BB as often as possible.

However there may be times when their backup BB will have to assist you.

How do I cancel a task once it's been submitted?

Send us a response to the original task. Let us know you don’t need our help and we will stop working on that particular task.

Can my Busy Bee do transactions and make payments for me?

Yes they can! We have the necessary security measures. Contact your busy bee and he or she will walk you through it.

What about certain types of design work?

We specialize in virtual assistance and creative design. Design work is available under our “Building the Hive” plan option.  These services are provided on a per project basis. We can assist you with logo’s, web design, video editing, graphic design etc.

Can I request a specific busyebee?

Yes you can ask for someone specific, but we may not always be able to guarantee it. The BB you request may be busy buzzin around on behalf of another client. Or perhaps on a “HONEY”-moon.

Is the Busy Bee team available on holidays or the weekends?

In general, the busyebee team observes all major holidays and standard business hours, Monday through Friday. However, we make our best attempt to accommodate our clients based on their described needs as outlined in their initial plan selection. Just tell us what you truly need in a Busy Bee and we will do our best to accommodate any non-standard situations.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes. You will be able to upgrade or downgrade as you feel necessary but only within your respective billing cycle.

How do I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my service?

 Just send us a notification and your plan we be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded effective the first day of the next calendar month.

What is the status of my task? When should I expect a response?

Our goal is to always acknowledge receipt of your task request within minutes of when you submit it. There may be instances in which it takes longer. Feel free to email your BB whenever you’d like to get an accurate temperature check on where they are at with your task.

Can my BB handle outbound and inbound phone calls for me?

As easy as 1-2-3.  The only exception may be relative to incoming calls. The busyebee team does not take incoming calls, however we can recommend a service for that. This is in place to help us better manage our workflow.  Feel free to use our referral services.

Not seeing your question answered? Send it on over to our Support Team and they’ll have an answer back to you in no time.